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Hi, I've worked in the adult entertainment industry since 2008 as a phone sex operator and adult blog and content writer for several adult websites.

Making Recordings

Many girls find offering clients MP3 recordings in addition to calls is a good way to¬†earn more money rather than just offering calls alone. Some are at a loss as to what programs to use. I personally recommend the following … Continue reading

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Multiple Phone Numbers

Many girls starting on Niteflirt are also perplexed by the needing more than one phone number situation once you go over your three accounts for one number limitation. I hate that they have this set up when not one other … Continue reading

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Choosing Domain Names

Think very carefully when choosing a domain name. One mistake many girls make is buying a persona specific domain. As an example Only ones looking specifically for you are likely to find that. You’d be better off getting one … Continue reading

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