Making Recordings


Many girls find offering clients MP3 recordings in addition to calls is a good way to earn more money rather than just offering calls alone. Some are at a loss as to what programs to use. I personally recommend the following programs and find them easy to use, and I do not like complicated. Many girls use the Audacity program, but I find it difficult to use, so I’m not even posting a link to it, there are much easier programs.

For recording, I love this one, Free Sound Recorder.

For sound editing, something that took me a few years to master, I couldn’t find an easier program than this one, Wave Pad Sound Editor.

For joining MP3 files together, since it is often easier to record a few shorter files and join them together than attempt one long one. So for long files, say an hour, it would be easier to make 4 15 min long ones and join them together than try for one hour long file. I like this easy to use program here, Free MP3 Joiner.

A USB or condenser microphone is the best option for recording, don’t even bother attempting to record with your computer’s built in one, you will have low volume and sound as if you are in a tunnel. Personally I use a condenser mic and a Focusrite USB Recording Audio Interface, but that’s a bit advanced for ones just starting out.

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