Help For Multiple Personas


Most of us have multiple personas, that’s just how it goes. Some companies require you to be logged into an instant messenger program in case clients message you, or you may have multiple sites and personas of your own you’re interested in guys being able to see your persona being online or not.

There is a way to run multiple instances of Yahoo Instant Messenger, and if anyone requests the instructions for that I can make a post about it, but it’s a bit involved. It’s much simpler to use a program like Digsby or Trillian where you can be logged into many at once. There are others as well, like Pidgin. My personal experience with such programs has been, and this is with around 10-12 different ID’s being logged in, was I loved Trillian, but after around 6 months it just stopped working for me, I have heard others say the same, which is a shame. I really liked it. Thankfully I found Digsby to be a more reliable program. I tried Pidgin, and it wouldn’t stay connected. 

If you need to be logged into multiple Yahoo or AIM Id’s, one of these is a must for you.




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