Direct Dial

If you are looking to branch out in phone sex in addition to your Niteflirt page into direct dial, I can help you there as well. I am also an affiliate for my own toll free service I use called Callture. I also have a Kall8 account I use for other personas, so I have both toll free providers. Many girls are familiar with Kall8 and Ring Central. I personally do not have any Ring Central experience.

Kall8 is good, but it is more expensive (7 cents per min) and more difficult to navigate than Callture’s interface. As one girl said, “They nickel and dime you to death”, from all the features they charge extra for. I use both daily, so I speak from experience. If you are just starting out in direct dial, which I think all girls should, after all, it can only add to your income even if not ringing off the hook. Callture has by the min plans (4.5 cents per min) , and also 100 min a month and 300 min a month and other escalating packages. For the 100 min a month, it’s $4.95, and you’re not likely to need more than that just starting out.

When I set up my own direct dial line a few years ago, it took me over 3 months of having it turned on every waking minute to even get my first call. However I also was not blogging weekly at that point and had I been I might have gotten calls sooner and more often. I have had many clients tell me they found me via my blog. I can promise you it is worth the effort to blog weekly, the search engines will reward you. Yes it is a chore, but worth it.

Once you have your domain, your monthly web hosting, other than your toll free expenses, that’s pretty much it. So even if you only get a couple of calls a month, it’s a little something extra. It is very foolish to put all your eggs in one basket and only depend on one company.