Requirements For Working With Me

There are basic skills you MUST have for me to do this and you insert the code. As I have in step by step instructions on the help page. You have to know how to copy and paste, until you know at least this much, I cannot help you.

Some people regardless of my clear step by step instructions on the help page complete with screenshots, cannot figure out how to make the pay to view and tip buttons. I can do a page for you without these buttons, and when and if you figure out how to make them, I can insert them then.

You need to know how to attach a jpg image file to an email to send to me. I have had ones contact me that do not even know how to do this. Unless you can email me the pictures of your personas to me you want used on the page I will create, obviously I cannot commence.

Someone sent me picture files in some bizarre format I wouldn’t even know how to do if I tried. I was able to open them after many extra steps, but there was no need for them to be sent in any format other than the original jpg format you would have purchased from the content provider.

I know Niteflirt really requires some basic computer skills to be on there. Not everyone is ready to have a page on there I understand. I didn’t have a computer until 2008, and no one taught me anything, I am totally self taught. If I wanted to learn how to do something, I looked it up and figured it out. Whether it was how to make a link or take a screenshot.

I will send you a test code you can insert and send me the link to so I can see it on your NF page to prove to me you can insert the code properly. You can then remove it when I have seen it and/or send you your final code.  I’m sorry if you feel you do not need to do this step, but after an experience with someone, I will not proceed unless I am positive you can get that code in and see it with my own eyes. Someone actually had the nerve and the gall to threaten to smear my reputation and call me a “scam” when they couldn’t figure out where to insert the finished, working code they had already seen.

They were shown the finished page and were happy with it and sent the working code in a timely manner (a week) and because of their lack of skills turned on me out of their own frustration and threatened everything from posting on forum boards to bad business review sites to “warn others”. I offered to refund them the fee they paid for their hosting immediately. They decided to cancel the hosting entirely, and were refunded their money by the host. If someone is so dumb as to think I’d risk my reputation for an affiliate bonus, they have rocks in their head. I do NOT need people like that, so if you are drama prone, vindictive or get temper tantrums, please, find another designer for yourself. I just don’t need the drama.

I do as asked, as promised, in a timely manner and professionally and you do not pay me a dime. I have offered professional writing services since 2010 and have many, many clients very happy with me, and I have done listing pages for a few girls as well and any single one of them would be happy to tell anyone I am professional, prompt and pleasant to deal with. Names available upon request.

I realize this experience outlined is a very bad one, I have dealt with several very nice girls, but it only takes one bad experience to make you very cautious. I am very willing to help others and go out of my way for them.

I like making these listing pages because it’s fun for me to work with different layouts, pictures, colors and I feel it improves my computer skills overall to learn new things. I’m not making a ton of money doing these pages, it’s mainly for fun between calls and only a few times a year does someone even ask me to do one for them, so it’s by no means a huge money maker, it’s a very small side activity.

Some girls liked pages I had done for myself when they asked who did them, so I in turn have done them for a few others. I thought being an affiliate for the web host provided me a small bonus, and was a good deal for both of us. You would need hosting anyway, and I get a small bonus for sending them a new client. It’s as simple as that.